Welcome To The League Of Leagues

You’ve heard Shek and Jonah discuss it for years, but now it’s here! Welcome to the League of Leagues, a multi-sport fantasy game that combines two seasons worth of MLB, NFL and NBA action into a single fantasy contest. The combatants will draft and trade across sports looking to put together the strongest overall portfolio of performers, attempting to balance sports as well as the present and future value of each athlete. This blurring of lines raises many questions. Who is the most valuable player in all of fantasy sports? Which owner will come out on top? Don’t these guys have anything better to do?

Use this page to track all the action. Here you’ll find a rules section, scoring updates, current rosters and draft results. There will be plenty of chatter on twitter as well, so make sure to give the owners a follow.

And if you think you are up for the challenge, use the box on the right to get notified when the software is available to let you play with your friends!

League Contestants


  1. Dave Dameshek (NFL.com) – @Dameshek
  2. Jonah Keri (CBS Sports, Nerdist, SI) – @jonahkeri
  3. Toby Mergler (League of Leagues) – @tobymergler
  4. Patrick Mayo/Chris Meaney (FNSTY) – @ThePME
  5. Adam Rank/James Koh (NFL.com) – @adamrank and @JamesDKoh
  6. Jack Kogod (Kissing Suzy Kolber) – @unsilent
  7. Chris Liss/Dalton Del Don (Rotowire) – @Chris_Liss and @DaltonDelDon
  8. Brad Evans/Brandon Funston (Yahoo) – @YahooNoise and @1befun
  9. Sal Iacono/Brian Gewirtz (Jimmy Kimmel Live/Grantland) – @thecousinsal
  10. Robert Silver and Vlad Sedler (NFBC) – @RobSilver and @RotoGut
  11. Bill Reiter and John Reiter (CBS Sports) – @sportsreiter
  12. Dave Lozo and Harris Bornstein (Vice Sports) – @davelozo
  13. Robert Brinson and Nathan Buescher (CBS Sports) – @WillBrinson
  14. Gabe Feldman and Russ Freyman (NFL Network) – @SportsLawGuy